Saturday, July 4, 2009

Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Last night, ND and I got into it and it turned into her first real breakdown. At least, as far as I'm aware. I'm happy for it. I don't think she had let it out yet.

It's hard knowing that I'm usually the person she would talk to about things and her probably not feeling okay coming to me with this. But it happened and that's good.

A lot of good came out of it. We talked a lot about things and I think her concerns came out. And I was able to ask her what I've already asked DM, "Are you mad at me for this?" I think it's a very valid question and I have trusted both of them to tell me the truth. They've both said no.

I think that the breakdowns are more like breakthroughs. Allows the person to confront their deepest fears/concerns, regardless of how "silly" or "illogical" they may seem.

And then we move on.

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