Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Think I'm Paranoid

I visited the new doctor today and there was such a big difference between this place and the previous one. I felt very comfortable here. The staff was pleasant, it felt confidential, and the doctor was extremely nice. We just did some blood work and I got a couple of shots (Hep - second round - and Pneumonia). I'm supposed to go back in two weeks for my results, which will include my resistance testing. Let's hope for some good news.

After that, I came home and was supposed to go for a run, but instead just relaxed. I think I'm allowing myself to get too lazy. I need to fix that. Supposed to get up and run in the morning.

TA invited me and CG over to watch Nurse Jackie, since we are so far behind. He also made some dinner. He and I didn't get a chance to talk before CG got there, so he walked me home and I told him about the doctor. In some ways, it is great that I can talk to my friends about things because I'm more likely to be comfortable telling them things, but in other ways I just get so nervous that one day they are going to leave me.

I hate all the thinking involved. I just want to be carefree.

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