Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Change of plans

Originally, I was supposed to get my confirmatory results back on Thursday. It was also the day I expected to have a final interview with this company. I was then going to talk to NP (the guy I'm casually dating), to let him know after I knew my results.

I got notice earlier today that my interview will actually be on Friday, instead. And now I get a phone call that my results won't be back until Monday. Of course I get that call about 15 minutes after I told NP I would come over on Thursday night. I had hoped to have the results to talk to him.

Now I don't know what to do. To make it worse, DM is out of town all day Monday so he can't go with me. I really wanted him there to help me with everything.

Everything just seems screwed up now. I'm not happy. I'm trying not to stress, but this just gets in the way. I guess I'm going to have to get used to that.

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