Friday, September 4, 2009

Results #2 - CD4: 494, VL: 38,000

I just left the doctor's office. This appointment has been rescheduled a few times, so I'm glad to have finally made it in.

I was fine for the most part leading up to it, but last night I started to think too much and began to worry. On my way to my appointment, I really started to worry. I feel fine, but I started to worry that the doctor was going to tell me that my CD4 dropped so low that I now have AIDS.

I almost forgot how pleasant they are at this office. The staff is extremely friendly. Very different experience than the first place I went to. After they took my vitals, the doctor came in and told me my results. CD4 of 494 and VL of 38,000. I was so relieved! I don't know why I thought it was going to move in the opposite direction. I'm sure it is a feeling that I'll just have to get used to. I'm going to be nervous with my doctor appointments; that's just the way it is.

I ended up crying (tears of joy) after he told me. I wasn't sobbing, but just tears streaming down with relief. He noted that he had to be more aware of my emotional state, since it was all still so new to me.

Anyway, I'm just happy for the numbers. I go back October 2 for another round of blood work. After that, if the trend looks "good," I'll start doing every 3 months.

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